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Feature of Real Estate in Pakistan year 2019, Why Property Prices are falling in Pakistan ?

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Feature of Real Estate in Pakistan year 2019. Why property prices are falling in Pakistan ?

real estate sector was one of the prominent business in Pakistan for decades, with the periods of time government impose sanctions on this business time to time like seller tax, buyer tax, withholding tax and deputy commissioner values DC Rates increments in in last year’s.

other than this government impose a limit for non taxpayers as they cannot purchase a property value more than 50 lakh rupees.

year 2019 is also a tough year for real estate business as new PTI government also following the same road map for this real estate sector.

major players like DHA and Bahria town is also facing the cases in top courts.

this is the time to hold positions and make investments in real estate sector if you are not a short term trader. property prices will start rising by the end of 2019 or early 2020.

as per my view. you have to buy properties on installments for the two to four years, don’t invest all of your money into this sector because it will take about a year to retrack.

property Management services PMS is providing you the gaps and available opportunities as per current market situation. we are offering lot of options with installments where you can only book your property with 10% down payment only.

this formula is called by pay as you go in real estate sector.

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