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About Imlak Online

Looking beyond…..



To facilitate knowledge sharing about Real Estate Trade and Industry



To grow as Knowledge based platform of choice for the people, firms and businesses for reaching out to the Global real estate trade and industry.


Imlakonline is an open access, free and knowledge based Global Real Estate Platform which is designed to provide a meeting place for the people, firms and businesses round the globe to search, navigate and interact in a conducive and user friendly environment. 


We offer a fantastic journey to our valued customers to see who is who and what is what of the real estate industry. 

  • The icons of the past and present, their experiences and their journey in the real estate market and related industries is covered in the people section. 
  • We also offer information on the global as well regional trends, ups and down and highs and lows of the industry. 
  • We are providing very lively and interactive Interest and Share Segment in which people can share their ideas and learn about the industry through blogs, forums, news, galleries and events etc. 
  •  Firms, businesses and people can list, introduce and talk about their projects, ideas and innovations.

Imlakonline thus is a platform which reflects the Real Estate industry, its diversity, the opportunities therein and the problems and challenges and their likely solutions and real time response.