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Beyond Turn Key – A new Concept

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    As we see so many people who remain unsatisfied with the service providers who are working in the domain of Real Estate as well as construction Industry. The primary reason is not only the short sighted and limited approach of the service providers but also the lack of wholesome and composite approach in this business, altogether. There are so many levels and categories of people and service providers involved in the hierarchy that even bad job by a single agent can at times produce disastrous results for the client or the service seeker.
    That’s why, the concept of Beyond Turn Key or End to End and Beyond is the new mantra in the industry. This would not only entail providing necessary services to the clients from start till end, but it only affords a good advise and a complete consultancy by the service provider, so that the client not only feels safe and secure bit in essence his complete interests are safeguarded and he is provided the back up support in terms of services and maintenance etc, even beyond the turn key stage.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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